An exciting new look is coming to Foothills Credit Union, and we want you, our valued members, to be the first to know. We are changing our Brand & logo!

Why has Foothills CU decided to change its logo?

We believe our organization needed a consistent and unique way to capture our company culture, our commitment to our members, and our member experience. With new locations on the way, this is an exciting time of growth and development for Foothills Credit Union. We wanted a visual representation to reflect the credit union’s move toward a modern and progressive direction. We feel we have outgrown our old logo and colors. They were no longer accurately representing who we are as a Credit Union and a community.

Is a logo really that important?

Having a strong, recognizable logo is an essential element for any company within any industry. Our logo symbolizes who we are to our members, our community, and each other. It allows us to communicate our story and identity with our members in a unique and personal way, creating a sense of trust and community around our brand. Many people already know our reputation as a strong supporter of the communities we serve, and we hope they will remember this whenever they see our logo and consider joining the credit union.

Do the mountains in your new logo have any significance?

Yes, they do! Our brand vision promises to Educate, Empower, and Enrich our members’ lives with exciting financial solutions. Each mountain in our logo represents each of those promises. We chose mountains because they are a relevant metaphor for our members’ individual journeys to reach the peak of their financial well-being with help from Foothills Credit Union. In addition, the mountains also represent our geographic footprint as a local financial institution helping our members, who we know and care about, make financial decisions.

Does this mean the credit union is changing it's name?

No. The only brand changes are to our logo and colors to help us stand apart visually from other businesses. We love being Foothills Credit Union and have no plans to change!

Has the credit union been sold or merged?

No! We are still the same credit union with the same employees and board members as before, just with a new look. We are proud to report that Foothills Credit Union remains financially strong and safe. You, our members, are still our only owners.

What will happen to the FCU website and mobile app?

The name of our mobile app and address of our website will stay the same as before, but the design will be updated to reflect our new colors and logo.

You will still be able to conduct your online banking like usual. You can still enjoy easy access to your accounts from the convenience of your computer, tablet, and phone.

What happens to my accounts as a result of the rebrand?

Your account number and information will stay the same. There is nothing you need to do because of the logo change. You can continue using your current check and debit/credit cards until they expire. Likewise, when your debit or credit card is due for reissue, you will receive a new card. The 16 digit number will stay the same and your current card will continue to work until you receive your new cards in the mail.

Do I need to update my direct deposit or let my employer know about this change?

Your account number and our routing number will not change, so your direct deposit will continue posting as usual.

Will there be other significant changes to the credit union?

No. Although our logo is changing, our mission is still the same. We are honored to have a proud legacy within our community of helping people reach the peak of their financial success. At the pivotal points in the lives of our members, we are here to help educate, empower, and enrich our members lives and assist with your financial needs and wants.

If you have any other questions or concerns visit one of our branches or contact us at 720.962.8200


Here at Foothills Credit Union we know that success is built by people: by visionary leaders, by engaged employees, and by loyal members. We believe in educating individuals, empowering families, and enriching communities with exciting financial solutions. Without these core values and key individuals serving as the driving force behind our company culture, our brand doesn't have a foundation to stand on. Therefore, we are dedicated to living our values and setting ourselves apart to ensure our members understand we are not just any ordinary financial institution.

>  Educate

We understand that many people don't just need financial solutions. They need financial education as well. We are dedicated to equipping our membership with the knowledge they need to manage their finances effectively and to helping every individual reach their peak of financial well-being

>  Empower

At Foothills CU, our members count on us to protect the assets they already have, while helping them to invest and grow in new areas. We strive to think out of the box for our members and put a focus on their future. By providing our members with a financial road map to success, we help them achieve their goals.

>  Enrich

Strong communities require healthy economies. Foothills CU is committed to being an active partner in the communities we serve by working with small businesses, reinvesting back into our communities, and supporting organizations that make an impact locally. We take pride in enriching the communities we belong to and creating a positive social impact for our members.


Our employee message represents our internal mantra encompassing core elements of how we serve both existing and potential members. It is meant to uphold the quality service you have come to expect from Foothills CU. This message represents how we expect our employees to serve every member and how you, our valued member, can expect to be treated during every one of your interactions with us.

E.A.S.E Internal Mantra

  • Engage with every member 

  • Ask members relevant questions

  • Solve member financial needs

  • Enhance member experience


Solving out members' financial challenges requires our employees to truly engage with them and to ask relevant questions to get to the heart of their financial needs. Engaging and educating our members will not only enhance their member experience, but will help them reach their peak financial success.


1946 - 1980's

Foothills Credit Union was formed in 1946 as VAR-39 Federal Credit Union (Veteran's Administration Regional) and was located on the Denver Federal Center. In the late 1980's, the credit union converted to a State Charter due to a merger, with VAR-39 surviving but changing it's name to VAR Federal Credit Union. The credit union moved from the Denver Federal Center in 1988 to a location on Cedar Street and Garrison in Lakewood.

(Foothills CU location on Cedar & Garrison)


In 1993, the credit union changed it's name to Foothills Credit Union as a re-brand to it's changing demographics. Then, in September of 1999, it moved to it's current Main Office location at 7990 W. Alameda Avenue in Lakewood.

(The current Foothills CU Lakewood Branch)

(The old Foothills CU logo)

2000's - Present

In 2007, Foothills Credit Union applied for and received approval for a Community Charter for the City of Lakewood. Also, that year, FCU was approached by the GSA-8 Federal Credit Union to merge. The merger completed in September of 2007. In November of 2014, Foothills Credit Union merged with Big Thompson Federal Credit Union, a $13 million-dollar credit union in Loveland. In 2018, again looking forward to the future and additional growth opportunities, FCU applied for and was granted a Charter expansion, this time for Jefferson and Larimer Counties.

(Our current Loveland Branch)

In 2019, we broke ground on a new Loveland location to replace our current site. The new branch will be located at 3875 Mountain Lion Drive, Loveland CO. There will be many updates for our Loveland members including: a drive-up ATM & drive-up banking! We are hoping to have doors open and to be serving members starting Fall 2020.

(Rendering of Our New Loveland Location)

This year, we made the exciting decision to re-brand Foothills Credit Union with a new logo and colors. With the growth happening within the credit union, we needed a brand that matched our evolving company culture and progress in a more modern direction. Looking to the future, we believe this will be a great change for our members and the credit union as a whole.

(Our Brand New Logo)