(Ages 0-13)

Get Your Children Interested in Saving. Take Them On A Savings Safari!

Children will enjoy learning about savings with the fun Savings Safari Club animals, colorful materials, and stimulating activities! Over the years, this will hopefully keep your child interested in practicing good, lifetime money management habits. Here is how it works:
  • Open a Savings Safari Account with just $5.00.
  • Your child selects from an assortment of Savings Safari gifts to celebrate the new account.
  • Foothills Credit Union gives your child a free savings coin book.
  • Your child may bring in the savings card to make deposits anytime and get a new savings card.
  • Kids can bring in their piggy banks and have “Rosie the Coin Counter” tally their savings.

Birthday Recognition

In celebration of your child’s birthday, Foothills Credit Union mails vouchers that can be deposited as money into your child’s savings account. Vouchers are worth $1.00 per year of age up to age 5, at which time vouchers will be worth a total of $5.00 from ages 5 through 13.


(Ages 14-24)

Foothills Credit Union has the perfect account for high school teenagers and college aged young adults. As kids grow up and start to become more independent and get that first job they need a safe place to bank. Look no further then Foothills Credit Union “It’s All Good” Youth Program. The program gives you:

  • Savings Account ($25 minimum opening balance)
  • FREE Checking*
  • FREE Checks (1st box)
  • FREE Visa Debit Card (No annual fee)
  • FREE Visa Credit Card**
  • FREE Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay & E-Statements
  • Overdraft Line-of-Credit
  • “It’s All Good” Youth Auto Loan Program (Contact the Loan Department for more details)
* Requires adult co-signor. Co-signor not required for member ages 18 and over with a job.
** Available to members 18 and over. Must have co-signor until age 21. $200 -$500 limits.