Foothills Credit Union offers you safe, convenient and free ways to conduct your banking and access account information from the comfort of your own home or anywhere that has internet access with our online banking system called Mobicint! You are always able to easily access your accounts anywhere you go with Foothills Credit Union FREE online banking & bill pay.


  • FREE online bill pay
  • FREE e-statements
  • FREE check imaging
  • FREE remote check deposit
  • Remote control debit/credit cards (turn cards on/off yourself)
  • The ability to view pending transactions
  • Transfer funds between separate credit union accounts
  • Transfer funds between your credit union account and external accounts from other financial institutions
  • Much More

Contact or visit our Member Service Department at 720-962-8200, or click on the 'sign up' link on our Online Banking Login box to set up your online banking account. Once your online banking account is set up you can sign up for FREE bill pay through the online banking features.


Foothills CU also offers FREE online bill pay. Set up automatic payments for all your monthly bills and never miss another payment or write another check!

  • FREE service, no obligations
  • You control your finances: pick one time or monthly payments, the amount of the payment, and the date to be paid
  • Pay bills in a fraction of the time
  • Be reassured that your information and bills are protected and secured
  • Save money by not having to us postage, envelopes, and checks
  • View your transaction history and pending payments

Log into your online banking and bill pay by clicking here. **If you ever become locked out of your online account because of entering an incorrect password to many times or for any other reason please contact the Member Service Department at 720-962-8200. Calling us is the only way in which we can unlock your online account.


Foothills Credit Union members have the ability to view and/or print statements from their online banking account. Your E-Statement is available the first business day of the month and you can access past statements going back 5 years.

  • E-Statements are safer than receiving paper statements in the mail.
  • There is no waiting to receive a statement in the mail.
  • All online account information, including your statement, is secure and password protected for your safety.
  • You save paper and are more environmental friendly using E-Statements

To sign up for E-Statements you can contact the Member Service Department at 720-962-8200 or set it up in your online banking account. When you sign into online banking select the “Services” option, then select “statements”, at the bottom of the statement page you will select “email preferences” which allows you to set up E-Statements. You always have access to E-Statements online, but by selecting the E-Statement preference online it will take you off the paper statement mail list. Log into your online banking and bill pay by clicking here.

**If you ever become locked out of your online account because of entering an incorrect password too many times, or for any other reason, please contact the Member Service Department at 720-962-8200. Calling us is the only way in which we can unlock your online account.


A great way to manage and oversee your personal bank account is to receive real time e-alerts anytime there is a change or adjustment to your account. Members have this option through the Foothills Credit Union online banking system! You can track and give yourself alerts: if your account goes over/under a certain amount, if a deposit was made, if a withdrawal was made, if a loan payment was made, and much more. Members have the ability to set up custom e-alerts through the Foothills Credit Union online banking system. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to your Foothills CU online banking system
  2. Look under the “Services” menu option and select E-Alerts
  3. Enable the different types of alerts you want to receive (you can have multiple alerts)
  4. Select the transaction and balance amounts you would like to receive alerts for. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click “Update” and your done!

To select text messages click the down arrow in the “Email Address” field, select “Other”, and type in your cell phone number followed by your cell service providers email domain. For help with this set up select the “See information on receiving these alerts as texts” link.


The FREE 24/7 Banking Phone Line gives you access to your Credit Union accounts anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year. Below are some of the convenient options available on this phone system:

  • Check account balances
  • Confirm deposits made
  • Confirm cleared checks
  • Confirm transactions made
  • Transfer funds within your account
  • Make a loan payment
  • Check current loan rates
  • Check current savings/investment rates

To access this system call 720-962-9420. You will be asked to input your account number followed by the pound sign (#) and then to enter your personal identification number. For first time users of the system, you will be asked for your account number and Social Security Number. Once this information is entered you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN. The 24/7 Banking Phone Line will prompt you throughout the entire process. If you have any problems please contact the Credit Union for assistance.


Relax and enjoy the comfort of being able to re-order checks online! Just click on the logo below and follow the instructions.

*Note: In order to use this online process you must have ordered checks with the Credit Union in the past. If this is your first time ordering checks you must call or visit the Credit Union for the order. If you have ordered checks in the past, you can use this online ordering process as long as your address has not changed since your last check order. If your address has changed you will need to contact the Credit Union to place the order.